We Just Started the Back Porch


We have just gotten started on the project which is going to involve turning the back yard into a nice place for the family to be together. It is a slow process, mostly because it is going to be rather expensive and we are going to have to go as fast as our finances allow. The best quote we got on a big back porch was from a place called QNR quality construction and that is what we are going to do first. We have decided to get a screened in back porch, although we are thinking about making it so that later on we can add the sort of windows that would open up really wide. The thought is that we want to make it almost like a greenhouse, so that we can grow herbs in it all year round. Beth has decided to put in a ceiling fan, but also she wants to have big sky lights so that the sun will come in. Continue reading

I Almost Have Enough Money Saved

In fact it is not going to take a huge sum of money for a down payment on the house that I am looking to buy. It is not really available right now, but the old lady that owns it is not going to live in this place forever. I have known her forever, or at least since I was in grade school. It is going to take an extra income to come up with the money as quickly as possible. So I have been able to start doing some Toronto lawn care work with my cousin and my uncle. It is pretty simple work and I basically make fifty dollars just about every time that I get in my truck. Continue reading

Cleaning Air Ducts Can Reduce Airborne Pollutants in Homes and Commercial Buildings

Over the years, the air moving through the ducts in your house drop fine particles of dust, little bits of hair, dander from pets, pollen and more. If you have a HEPA and electrostatic air filter system from the beginning, this is minimized. However, even the best filter does not stop all particulates from getting through. That is, unless you live in a clean room used for scientific purposes. What it comes down to is that there is dirt in your air ducts, and this can lead to respiratory problems. Simple air duct cleaning in Antioch can remove the buildup letting you start with clean ducts. Then you can add a better filtration system to minimize the buildup from occurring again. Continue reading

Modern Designs for Window Shutters

There is sure a lot to think about when it comes to fixing up and renovating your house. It is enough to give me a headache at times, but I really want it to be a house that I am proud to live in once again, and I want to give my own personal stamp to it during the process of fixing it up. So that means I am going to think pretty hard about all of the choices that I have to make int he process, I am thinking about orange county shutters right now as I think that they would add a nice touch and help to make the windows of the house look even more beautiful.

Of course, I am somewhat utilitarian in nature, so if I am going to have shutters put on the windows, they need to be functional and serve a purpose as well. To that end, the shutters will need to be pretty good at blocking out the light. I want to get them on at least the bedroom windows in the house, but maybe all of the windows, I am not really sure on that yet. I will have to do a bit more thinking on it, and also see what the prices are like before I make a decision.

I want to see what sort of options are available for the shutters, in terms of style and colors. I do want to get shutters that have a modern appearance to them, as opposed to maybe something that you would see on a house in a movie from a period piece. I guess the best thing I can do is to just look for some companies that install shutters in the area, and then I can go from there and learn more about the options.

A New Look for My Home

Recently, I inherited a house from my parents. My parents wanted to move into a new house. They wanted my wife Jenny and I to have it. We just recently got married and it was the perfect wedding gift. We moved into the house immediately. We loved our home, but there was a problem. The house felt out of date and rustic. We hired a Worthing painter and decorator to help us.

We had conflicting views on the home. Jenny wanted to modernize the house. I was at odds with her decision. I grew up in the house and I did not want to change the house too much. I rather enjoyed the nostalgic appeal of the house. I had a lot of memories growing up in that house. My childhood story took place there. We decided to compromise. Continue reading