I Almost Have Enough Money Saved

In fact it is not going to take a huge sum of money for a down payment on the house that I am looking to buy. It is not really available right now, but the old lady that owns it is not going to live in this place forever. I have known her forever, or at least since I was in grade school. It is going to take an extra income to come up with the money as quickly as possible. So I have been able to start doing some Toronto lawn care work with my cousin and my uncle. It is pretty simple work and I basically make fifty dollars just about every time that I get in my truck. The two of them are not going to give away all of their work obviously, so I have to think about what else is available and possible. I work around forty five to fifty hours per week driving a beer truck, which is a really good job all things considered. Of course it does not leave time for a real part time job.

The lawn care stuff is really not so bad at all, but I do not have the best gear for it. My uncle lent me an older push mower. I took the blades off of it and ground the nicks out of them so that they would cut well. It is pretty easy to mow a normal yard with this thing however, as the deck is roughly twice as wide as the mower you would pay a hundred and fifty bucks for and use at your own house. So you can basically mow a yard in half of the time as you would with a consumer grade mower. It is a really easy thing for the money, but you have to do a great job.