“The Buzz on the Bees” by: Lexi Rockwell, age 14, Kingdom Builders Co-op, United States

14 Mar

The Buzz on the Bees

Georgia honey bees are getting the life sucked out of them! Their enemy is varroa mites. These external parasites attack bees, and because bees have a low immune system, the varroa often kill them. To solve the issue, a chemical product has been created to get rid of the mites. This technique has been used by bee keepers for over 25 years, according to Georgia Certified Master Craftsman Beekeeper Bill Owens. The problem is, this pesticide harms bees. This is a global issue. According to University of Georgia Entomologist Keith Delaplane, “Bees are responsible for more than $215 billion of food production worldwide annually.” The death of bees will impact the health of humankind. It’s obvious that scientists must continue the search for a pesticide that eliminates the varroa mites but keeps the bees.

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