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Ecological threat with scent of detergents

25 Mar

The threats to the environment are more and more numerous and complex, the alarm signals related the environment degradation have increased, while the ambiental environmental crisis is getting worse and worse. A living being can`t live isolated,but only in the middle of a population. Man isn`t an exception either, still he created his own ecosystems, [...]

The Venture to Nowhere

14 Mar

Kaitlyn Guzman, 17 Julie Mora, 17 Arceli Rios, 17 From Teacher Prep Academy The United States of America The California High Speed Rail will tremendously impact the San Fernando Valley and the city of Pacoima in particular. By 2029, the California high speed rail project will connect San Francisco to Los Angeles with a travel [...]

Going Green While Making Green

14 Mar

Poolesville, Maryland, is a small, rural, town of approximately 5,300 residents, located within the Agricultural Reserve of Montgomery County, Maryland. These traits are part of “what makes Poolesville special”, in the words of town Commissioner Jim Brown, however, “special” in this case, poses its own slew of challenges. Currently, Poolesville is in the midst of [...]

Article Addressing Runoff from pollutants on bodies of water

14 Mar

Jeb Stuart High School Group Four Project   Article Addressing Runoff from pollutants on bodies of water March 13, 2015 Mariam Baig Mike Belay Maggie Crotty Andrea Garcia Vincent Guevara Annie Konjevoda Word Count: 952 Article Addressing Runoff from pollutants on bodies of water   Understanding runoff and its effect on the ecosystem is important [...]

The Beach in the Beltway: Water Quality of Lake Barcroft

13 Mar

The Beach in the Beltway: Water Quality of Lake Barcroft Megan Nguyen (18), Angela Leersnyder (17), Joseph Jones, Noah Kline (17), Hannah Herron (18), Sadeechya Gurung (17) J.E.B. Stuart High School Lake Barcroft is a 115-acre man-made lake in Fairfax County fed by the Holmes Run and Tripps Run streams.[1] Lake Barcroft serves as a [...]

The Purple Line: Montgomery County’s Transit Priority

13 Mar

The Purple Line: Montgomery County’s Transit Priority By: Mona-Mae Juwillie Montgomery County’s council executives are pushing for Maryland’s Department of Transit to begin to focus more on a transit system that has been in the works since 2009, the Purple Line. The Purple Line is 16 mile light rail (a modern tramway constructed for light [...]


1 Mar

RESURSELE MEDIULUI SUBSOLIC   Elevele ALBU ANDREEA și BERESCU DELIA, clasa a XII-a, LICEUL TEHNOLOGIC „PETRU PONI” IAȘI COORDONATOR: PROF. IPATE EMIL DAN   Slide-ul nr. 1. Litosfera poate fi interpretată ca sursă, în sensul de loc de proveniență al zăcămintelor naturale, dar este totodată și resursă, întrucât deține materii prime utile societății.             Termenul [...]

Environmental issues in Romania

19 Feb

Air pollution and water pollution caused by industry are serious environmental problems in Romania. The country’s factories, chemical plants, and electric power plants depend heavily on burning fossil fuels, a process that emits high levels of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide – a key component of acid rain. The industrial centers of  central Romania, and [...]

Industrial City Ploiesti

2 Feb

We as human beings are very fortunate to be living on this planet that we call Earth. We toil over the land, and in return we receive provisions off of which we live. Even though we get all that we need from this bountiful land, we still for some reason feel like we need to [...]

Türkiye bilim-teknolojide dünyada iddialı bir oyuncu olacak

18 Jan

Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanı Işık, “Türkiye’nin dışa bağımlılığını azaltmak için büyük projeler hayata geçireceğiz. Türkiye, bilim ve teknolojide dünya süper liginin iddialı bir oyuncusu olacak” dedi.   Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanı Fikri Işık, Paris’te Charlie Hebdo dergisine yapılan terör saldırıları bahanesiyle bir takım karikatürlerin yayınlanmasına ilişkin, ‘Hiçbir özgürlük hiç kimsenin kutsalına hakaret edebilme hakkı vermez. [...]